PlayStation 4 availability in-store and online turning up bleak

Chris Burns - Nov 29, 2013, 5:16pm CST
PlayStation 4 availability in-store and online turning up bleak

This week folks just beginning to seek out a PlayStation 4 gaming console are finding themselves in for a world of disappointment as stores across the United States have turned up empty in the wake of Black Friday. While initial sales of the device have proven Sony to be pushing what may be their most successful console to date, it would seem that production levels so far haven’t been able to keep up with monstrous demand.

A second wave of PlayStation 4 units joined the likes of the secret second wave of Xbox One units earlier today here on Black Friday, resulting in satisfied and surprised customers in several US-based regions. What’s unclear at the moment is how Sony decided to distribute these second waves and if there’s more to be had at major retail chain locations aside from those currently being held for pre-order customers.


Have a peek at SlashGear’s full PlayStation 4 review to see what we’ve made of the machine from start to finish. In general, this console has turned up with great reviews from all sources, with the most major downsides being game-based. That is to say: there aren’t many games out at the moment – but there will be soon.

For those in a position to physically head to stores in their area, there have been several cases reported of customers asking about abandoned consoles with some luck. Tips sent in today have suggested stores like Walmart and Target have reached their end-of-life segment for some pre-order customers that by now should have picked their units up from in-store delivery.

Sources such as “Now In Stock” have shown several “New” sources this afternoon at sources like GameStop and ABT. Unfortunate for online shoppers, it would appear that stock seems to have disappeared as quickly as it’s appeared throughout the day today. Those that already own the PlayStation 4 have run online in droves, making the PlayStation Network hit a point at which Sony had to turn some features off temporarily.


While eBay remains healthy with stock of the PlayStation 4 in several different iterations, finding this machine at original store price will require that potential owners get a bit creative. Call ahead or head directly in to stores with questions for employees, asking for managers if you’ve got an in that only they’d be able to access. Reports from across the United States from stores have suggested that no units remain on-shelves in any major metropolitan area.

But remember – be courteous this weekend above all else. Please take the time to put yourself in the store worker’s shoes. You’ll often find that being overly-kind results in a PS4 being found much more readily than yelling and screaming!

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