PlayStation 4 4.70 Update Arrives With Better Performance, Small Tweaks

If you have a PlayStation 4, you may have noticed a software update notification in recent hours. Sony has pushed out update version 4.70, updating its latest-generation gaming console with a relatively small patch that boosts performance, as well as bringing other small changes. The update is a mere 340MB, making it quite small in the grand scheme of things; you can download the update manually if it hasn't already been applied to your console.

According to Sony's changelog, the big two features are the tournament match details shown in the tweet below, as well as the improved system performance. That latter is perhaps most important to console owners, some of whom have been dealing with random crashes that require them to restart apps. Oddly enough, it seems that Sony has also tossed some new icons into the mix, though it doesn't include mention of them in its changelog.

If you're not sure whether the update has already been applied to your PlayStation 4 console, you can check by heading into 'Settings' -> 'System Software Update.' The resulting screen will tell you whether the update is still ready to be installed or if your console is up-to-date. If the update needs to be installed, click the 'Update' button and wait for the process to finish. As always, avoid shutting off the console until the update is complete.

If you haven't updated in a while for whatever reason, you may be unfamiliar with all the new goodies that Sony released back in version 4.50. With that update, which happened in March, the PS4 gained support for external hard drive game storage, a much-requested feature that helps make up for the tiny 500GB hard drive some users are stuck with. That's only a piece of the update, though, the full details of which are available here.