Play Bayonetta for free, in your browser and in 16-bit 2D

Wouldn't it be grand if you could play your favorite gaming title for free and available anywhere you are? Bayonetta developers Platinum Games might be yielding to that desire with the launch of a new game from the Bayonetta franchise. But there are a few catches. First, it's only really a mini-game that you can probably finish in a few minutes or so. Second, you can indeed play it anywhere, but only inside a browser. And third, you'll have to stomach the fact it is a 16-bit 2D "side-scrolling" game.

Although the first game received critical acclaim, the Bayonetta 2 sequel almost came to a tragic demise until it was swooped up by Nintendo to be made into a Wii U exclusive. That was way back in 2012, however. Fast-forward two years later, the game was finally released to the public for everyone to enjoy. Everyone who owned a Nintendo Wii U console, that is.

For everyone else, at least now there's a way to satisfy your angel-killing cravings. You take control of a 16-bit Bayonetta, the titular heroine of the game, as she battles angelic minions sent to erase her from the world. Yes, it's good versus evil thing, but in reverse. Don't let the pixelated graphics and simplistic controls fool you though. This is one tough game to beat. "Side scroller" is a bit of a misnomer considering you can't actually move anywhere. You can jump, of course, but that's just about it. Perhaps you can think of it like a tower defense game, except Bayonetta is your one and only tower against wave after wave of enemies.

Bayonetta 2D is free to play from Platinum Games' website, but to get there, you need to hit a 404 "page not found" page. Or you can simply hit the link below. And if you're the curious gamer type, you can perhaps take a closer look at the real game itself and see why we think Bayonetta 2 is one of those titles that will make you grateful you rooted for the Wii U.

SOURCE: Platinum Games

VIA: Engadget