Plastic iPhone purportedly featured in leaked high-resolution images

Rumors of a plastic budget iPhone surfaced many months ago, and although they've been denied, the leaks have continued, with some saying they're close to hitting the market, others saying the images that have surfaced are just cases, and finally others saying a plastic iPhone will happen, but won't be a budget device. Now some high-resolution shots of the mythical plastic iPhone have surfaced, and word has it they'll be available soon.

The images appeared over at Fanatic Fone, which says has been confirmed as the real deal by its "wonderful and trusted sources," and that the same sources say the device will be launched "very soon." There wasn't any mention of when that launch day could be, however, and it was stated that the pricing won't be much lower than the regular iPhone models. Of course, nothing has been confirmed, and we've heard this before.

The handset featured in the images is said to be made of polycarbonate material, and to feel "smooth," with easy fingerprint transfer. It is also said to be the same size as the iPod Touch, which – assuming it all pans out and Apple launches this version of the iPhone – won't give consumers much incentive to buy the Touch, depending on how the pricing works out.

On July 1, we saw an image leak of three bright plastic iPhones that are visually the same as the one featured above, except in strange bright green, yellow, and a reddish color similar to Laffy Taffy shades (its hyper saturated colors could be the result of the camera used to take the image, however). We already saw the green version of the plastic iPhone on June 29.

Back on January 8, we heard via The Wall Street Journal that Apple had been discussing releasing a cheaper iPhone for the last several years, part of the reason why rumors have been floating around regarding it for so long. The same individuals said that the company could be launching them in the latter portion of this year, and if such is true – and others in the same vein – we won't have too much longer to wait.

SOURCE: Fanatic Fone