Pixel Qi vs iPad IPS display [Video]

Pixel Qi's displays are good, we know that, but how exactly do they compare to the tablet of the moment, Apple's iPad?  While we've already seen how the new wide-angle displays look outdoors, ARMDevices did some side-by-side comparisons with the iPhone and the iPad; if anything, it's left us far more excited about the Notion Ink Adam than we were before.

In case you're wondering, the iPad in the image above – and the video you can see below – is set to full brightness.  There are times when you can make out the icons, but otherwise it's one big mirror.

The iPhone doesn't fare much better.  Of course, Apple are rumored to be switching to an IPS panel (like on the iPad) for the fourth-generation iPhone, but it goes to show that even with the new screen technology outdoor visibility may still be an issue.

Pixel Qi 3qi display vs iPad:

Pixel Qi 3qi display vs iPhone