Pixel Qi 3qi wide-angle display gets video demo [Update: Tablet demo too]

Pixel Qi have been demonstrating the latest version of their 3qi display at Computex 2010, complete with its wider viewing angles, and going by jkkmobile's reaction the new screen is a success.  As with previous versions, the new panel has indoor/outdoor functionality including a backlight-off mode for prolonging battery life, but it's also much easier to see from the side judging by Pixel Qi's demo prototypes.Update: Added demo video of Pixel Qi's new tablet reference design after the cut.Video demo after the cut

There are also some new touchscreen demo devices and a couple of tablets on show, though the exact touchscreen technology Pixel Qi are using isn't clear.  There's already a projected capacitance panel on sale, but they've promised other touchscreen systems too.  No sign of the Notion Ink Adam, one of the best known – and most hotly anticipated – tablets to use the 3qi display.

High volume production for the new, wide-angle screen is expected to kick off this fall, though Pixel Qi still aren't saying exactly who will be adopting them for their products.

Pixel Qi tablet reference design (from ARMDevices):