Piper security system revamp includes price drop

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 25, 2014
Piper security system revamp includes price drop

Remember the Piper connected home security system that was recently bought by iControl? Following the update it received back in early April, the system has been revamped yet again, and with the newest batch of changes comes a particularly notable drop in price.

As of now, Piper is now priced at $199, down from the previous $239 USD, something said to result from the improvements brought about after the iControl acquisition. In addition to the new price, the home security setup has also gained a couple new features.

For those who use the system as their sole source of home security, the new Bedside Mode will come in handy. With this mode, Piper can be set to let loose a siren if a disturbance is detected in the night, alerting sleeping home owners (or renters) to a possible issue.

There’s also a new Z-Wave Light dimmer compatibility. With this, Piper owners can control the lighting in their house using the device’s mobile app and related hardware. Furthermore, additional updates are being promised for the future.

VIA: Digital Trends

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