Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launches in the UK

When Samsung originally unveiled the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone it launched in black and white colors around the world. Samsung did originally show off a pink version of the phone, but that device has yet launch. That's changed with the pink version of the Galaxy Note 3 available to purchase in the UK starting tomorrow.

The phone will reportedly be available exclusively through Phones 4U in the UK and will be available at no cost with a two-year contract starting at £43 monthly. Users who want a cheaper plan can get one at £40 per month with a £100 upfront fee.

The UK exclusive for the pink Note 3 at Phones 4U last the entire month of November. After November, the phone will reportedly be available across the UK. A quick web search shows that the pink Galaxy Note 3 can be pre-ordered in the US unlocked for $749.99.

Newegg lists the estimated launch date as November 11. The pink version of the smartphone will vary in color only and will use Android 4.3. It will also have integrated Wi-Fi, GPS, a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a 5.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen. Check out our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for more details on the smartphone.