Pier Solar HD just the latest Dreamcast game coming this year

Chris Burns - Mar 5, 2014
Pier Solar HD just the latest Dreamcast game coming this year

Were you aware that not one, but several games coming to Sega Dreamcast this year? The latest bit comes from the game Pier Solar HD, a game which has released its first teaser trailer today. This game is also being released to Steam Greenlight this week.

Pier Solar HD

You’ll find that this first title – Pier Solar HD – is a role-playing game the likes of which haven’t been produced for an age. You’ll recognize the gameplay and you’ll find the richness of the environment to be just as enthralling as it was back when you first had your Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo out to game.

This game – according to its producers – was originally developed by Watermelon Games for SEGA Mega Drive and Sega Genesis. While we’re not certain these systems will receive cartridges as such, Pier Solar HD will be delivered to PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, Ouya, PC/MAC/Linux, Sega Dreamcast, and Android.

Just so we’re certain you read that right – this game is coming to every system from Android to Xbox One to PlayStation 4, and to Sega Dreamcast as well! You can play this game right now on Steam – you’ve just got to apply to be part of the Beta!


UPDATE: The game is indeed prepared for both SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis – but good luck finding one! They’re more limited edition than a pair of socks you just lost one half of in the dryer!


Next we’ve got one of two games developed in Germany. This game goes by the name NEO XYX and is being produced by NG:Dev.Team. This game takes on a much more top-down approach – aesthetically – with a space-based shooter. This game has already sold out – all 1300 limited and collectors editions have been called for on launch day.

This game was released on the week of 2/17/2014 and is headed to Dreamcast exclusively. This “bullet hell shmup” game works with 6 stages and 11 bosses. Users will be rolling with 16-bit “hand-drawn graphics” and both vertical (TATE) and horizontal (YOKO) controls.

The game was also released to include VGA support and was (and is) region free. This game pushes 60hz and works with HTSC and PAL, and we’re quite likely to see another release from the crew in the future.

Redux: Dark Matters

The game Redux: Dark Matters is being developed by another German group, Hucast Games. This game was unveiled this January by the team with developer René Hellwig at the head. Hellwig was previously a part of NG:Dev.Team with his brother Timm Hellwig, having last produced the epic game Gunlord.

Now striking out for more unique space-action glory, Hellwig rolls with Hucast for Redux: Dark Matters. This title is a side-scrolling space shooter game with a soundtrack composed by Andre Neuman and featuring Chris Huelsbeck – of Turrican and R-Type fame.


This game is another that’ll only be coming to Dreamcast, believe it or not. While we’re seeing these titles as having vast potential for the likes of Android and/or iOS, limited releases seem to be the trend for 2014 in Dreamcast games.

Hopefully the success these teams see in the near future will spawn additional odd releases for the future as well. It’s always a good time to make use of a console that you can pick up for less than $50 USD at the used games store.

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