PhotoFast G-Monster PCIe 1TB SSD

Fusion-io aren't the only people who can put massive amounts of solid-state memory into a desktop PCIe card, as Japanese firm PhotoFast announce their G-Monster PCIe SSD.  Available in capacities up to 1TB, the card boasts read speeds of up to 750MB/s.

Three models are available, the smallest being 256GB, a mid-tier 512GB and finally the 1TB big-daddy.  All boast the same read speed, together with 700MB/s write speed, and require a PCI-express x8 slot.

Unlike rival systems, the PhotoFast G-Monster is bootable for Windows XP or Vista, so you won't need a separate OS drive to go with it.  Each is rated for 1,500,000 hours use.  No word on pricing as yet (think expensive), but they'll arrive in April.

[via Akihabara]