Peopoly Phenom XXL is far, far larger than your 3D printer

Chris Burns - Aug 27, 2020, 2:50pm CDT
Peopoly Phenom XXL is far, far larger than your 3D printer

This week’s most massive 3D printer made for consumers is the Peopoly Phenom XXL. Much like Phenom printers released in the last few years, this printer is large – but this one’s even bigger than the most massive printer Phenom’s made before. Peopoly saw that people enjoyed being able to 3D print objects on a large scale… so they dared to go bigger!

Take a peek at our Phenom by Peopoly Review and see what you make of it. It’s an interesting sort of device – especially if you’ve never seen this sort of 3D printer before. Where a traditional 3D printer will heat up a line of plastic and direct it to a platform in layers, this Phenom MSLA printer uses UV Resin, aka light-cured resin. Instead of using a head that directs plastic down to a platform, the platform is upside-down, and the plastic begins as a liquid.

With an MSLA printer, the first layer is cured by a light that shines up through the liquid resin unto the platform. Each new layer, the platform rises (upside-down) and the 3D printed object sticks, hanging down as it does so. The 3D print rises out of the liquid resin, born as if by magic.

The original Phenom by Peopoly had a 276 x 155 x 400mm build volume. The Phenom XXL ramps up to a 780 x 570 x 1120mm build volume. This beast is humongous. This printer weighs in at a cool 115kg – that’s 253.5 pounds. The vat in which the resin is places is capable of holding 6.5kg of liquid UV-reactive resin.

As it is with all printers – or at least all 3D printers – this machine uses consumable products to function. That means you’re going to need to purchase a LOT of resin to keep this machine rolling – unless you plan on printing very little, in which case, it’s probably a better idea to get a smaller printer.

If you’d like to purchase this big boy, you’ll need to head to the official Peopoly website and get a quote. The fact that you need to get a quote for the machine should give you some indication of the price – well over the asking price of the original Phenom, which currently sits at around $2k.

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