Peloton Bike price cut again, with discount for recent buyers

If you purchased the original Peloton Bike when it was released, you likely dropped $2,245 USD. If you waited until Peloton released the Bike+ in September of 2020, you could've had the original Peloton Bike for a price of $1,895. Now, after Peloton revealed some relatively poor earnings results (F4Q21) here at the tail end of August, 2021, the price of the original Peloton Bike has been cut again – by a significant margin.

The original price drop for the Peloton Bike was $350 USD. The new price drop – after the first – is another $400 USD! The bike remains an extravagant investment at a total of $1,495 USD, but that's a far cry from the original price of $2,245.

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The company suggested today that they are "taking another step to make Peloton more accessible" in this move. They're also cutting the price of the monthly price for the bike – so you can own it in payments – to $39/month. That goes for the United States, Canada, Germany, and Australia.

This does not include the All-Access Membership, which must also be purchased in order to make the most of the bike.

Peloton also said they were "making it easier to access the Peloton Bike+ and the all new Peloton Tread" with moves like extending financing terms. This, they say, will help "lower monthly payments to qualified customers." So you'll pay the same amount, but you'll be paying for a longer time.

To make sure the most recent customers of Peloton Bike were not entirely displeased with the fact that they'd been unlucky enough to purchase the device before the price cut, Peloton made another announcement. "We are proactively contacting and performing a price adjustment for Members if they are currently waiting on a Peloton Bike delivery," said a Peloton representative, "Or if they received delivery of a Peloton Bike in the last 30 days." The cut-off date for this move is Tuesday, July 27, 2021.