Peloton recalls thousands of Bike pedals after injury reports

Peloton has recalled the pedals from 27,000 of its connected fitness bikes, after reports that the clip-in pedals could break and cause injuries to riders. According to the company, 120 consumer reports of flaws with the pedal system have been recorded, some of which resulted in injuries demanding medical treatment.

Peloton's bikes have been a surprising hit for home exercise, with the touchscreen-toting spinning bikes offering an alternative to traditional gym classes. They're not cheap, mind: until recently, the company's most affordable bike still cost more than $2k, with a $39 monthly subscription for the live and on-demand classes that stream to the integrated display.

Loyal riders, though, have arguably become Peloton's most valuable asset, providing plentiful advertising through word-of-mouth. The company announced a new, more premium Peloton Bike+ earlier this year, as well as a new, more affordable connected treadmill that it will bring to market this year.

However it's the first-generation hardware, and the pedals specifically, that are the subject of a widespread recall. The PR70P, or first-gen pedals, were fitted to Peloton bikes between July 2013 and May 2016. Designed to clip into the cleats fitted to the bottom of cycling shoes, they can apparently "break unexpectedly during use," the US Consumer Product Safety Commission confirmed, "causing laceration injuries."

120 reports have been filed with Peloton of pedals breaking in this manner. Of those reports, 16 included details about leg injuries sustained as a result. Five of those required some sort of medical attention, "such as stitches to the lower leg," the US CPSC says.

In total, 54,000 pedals are being recalled. They can be recognized with the Peloton logo and the molded brand on the pedal, along with the orange Peloton symbol. "Consumers should immediately stop using bikes fitted with PR70P Clip-In pedals," the CPSC advises. "Peloton is notifying all affected consumers directly on how to receive free replacement pedals, along with instructions for self-installation."

One of the advantages of the connected bikes, of course, is that contacting potentially affected owners is more straightforward. As well as an email about the recall, Peloton is also showing those impacted a notice on their touchscreen display. It's worth noting that Peloton recommends that owners replace the pedals annually, and that their normal warranty is for a year.