Pelican ProGear Vault unleashed: iPhone 5 gains ultra-rugged protection

When you grab a Pelican case for your electronics, you know good and well that you're trusting your most precious bits of metal, plastic, and glass to the best. What you've got available to you today is a couple of iPhone 5 cases that'll keep you from essentially any kind of damage – toss it down a flight of stairs into a bucket of water if you want! One of these two cases is pretty darn amazing, the other is undeniably top-of-the-line.

With the Pelican ProGear Protector you'll be working with a shock-deflecting outer shell packed with an elastomeric interior lining. You'll be protected from scratches as well as basic impact, and you'll be seeing this device in several color combinations, too! This little monster is available right this minute for MSRP $79.95 from a sweet Pelican retailer near you.

Then we've got the boss. Pictured above and below, the Pelican ProGear Vault will protect your iPhone 5 from a drop of 72 inches above the ground. You've got both insulating elastomeric shock and impact protection inside, a durable screen cover you can touch through but also offers high-grade anti-scratch technology, and some sweet flush-fitting stainless steel hex-head machine screws to hold it all together. With hex-head screws, you'll never get in again (without a hex-head screwdriver, included in the package, of course), and you'll be fashionably fit, too!

The Pelican ProGear Vault is one we've seen before – it's been coming out since CES 2013 and is just now ready for full action! You'll be able to pick one up now for a cool $79.95 MSRP this week – and make sure you know what you're getting into – your kids will want to start tossing your phone more than ever! Have a peek at our Pelican ProGear Vault hands-on and hit up the timeline of Pelican products below as well – stay rugged!