Peek tease "really, truly big stuff" incoming

Peek's dedicated email device has a growing band of dedicated followers, who prize its simplicity above "jack of all trades" smartphones, and now the company is planning its next assault.  In a new blog post (where they also admit they're running a little tight on cash) the company reveals it's working on what's tongue-in-cheek described as Project Big Stuff, something they're billing as far more impressive than lifetime subscriptions.

"Well we have to be innovative, necessity is the mother of all invention after all, right? So, we are progressing on some big stuff. Big stuff that will blow away folks. Not just an awesome "Peek for Life" promo. But really, truly big stuff. So stay tuned for Project Big Stuff."

There's no indication of whether this "big stuff" involves new hardware or is a service of some sort; the last hardware introduction turned out to be the TwitterPeek, a dedicated Twitter device that left reviewers relatively cold.  It's a tricky line to walk – keep the simplicity that attracts your existing users, but keep innovating – and we're looking forward to seeing what Peek come up with.