Peek Pronto gets official: Push email, 5 accounts, unlimited SMS

Chris Davies - Mar 24, 2009, 5:09am CDT
Peek Pronto gets official: Push email, 5 accounts, unlimited SMS

The Peek Pronto email device tipped last week has been officially launched, offering push email functionality, Microsoft Exchange compatibility and support for up to five email accounts rather than the usual two.  The Pronto is priced at $79.95 and requires the same $19.95 monthly service charge as the original Peek messenger.

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The Pronto is also said to run faster than the original Peek, and the company is also promoting its unlimited texting abilities.  There’s also on-device searching, together with support for PDF and DOC attachments, as well as the regular picture attachment support. 

Battery life for the Peek Pronto is estimated at 4-5 days with typical usage, and the whole thing weighs 3.8oz and measures 4 x 2.7 x 0.4 inches.  The display is 2.5-inches QVGA resolution and there’s 8MB of onboard memory, triband US GPRS connectivity and a 104MHz ARM7 TI chipset running Peek’s own Peekux OS.  The original Peek remains on sale for $49.95 with the same monthly service charge.

Press Release:


Peek Pronto:
Mobile messaging device

Peek Pronto

Simple, but powerful
Building on the successful launch of its Peek mobile email device, Peek ( is adding an exciting new product to its lineup – the Peek Pronto. Peek Pronto responds to the growing demand for mobile messaging that is both affordable and powerful.

Peek Pronto builds on the original Peek – not by
adding unnecessary bells and whistles – but by further enhancing
the core functionality of mobile messaging. The key features of
Peek Pronto are:

* push email;
* unlimited email and texting;
* compatibility with Microsoft Exchange;
* ability to view images/PDF/doc files;
* access to up to five email accounts;
* ability to search for emails on the device;
* 50% improvement in speed of the
* larger font size option.

Peek Pronto retails for $79.95. A flat monthly fee of just $19.95
provides the user with unlimited emails and unlimited text
messages – substantially cheaper than a comparable
smartphone plan (for details see

While Peek Pronto offers powerful new features, it continues
Peek’s philosophy of a stylish device that is easy-to-buy and
easy-to-use. There are no contracts to sign, and no hidden fees
or “gotcha” charges.

Peek Pronto takes just 2 minutes to setup and works
automatically with all major email providers including Yahoo!,
Hotmail, GmailTM, AOL and many more.

Peek Pronto’s full QWERTY keyboard makes typing easy, and its
large color screen and straightforward navigation makes mobile
messaging simple.

3/18/09 Pronto Fact Sheet 2

Peek Pronto is perfect for the busy person who needs to be
connected on the go, but does not want to pay a fortune for the

Specifications Size:
Height = 102 mm (~ 4.02 inches)
Width = 68 mm (~ 2.7 inches)
Depth = 10.1 mm (~ 0.42 inches)
Weight = 109 grams

Charcoal Gray

2.5” diagonal
QVGA (Quarter VGA) which is 240 pixels high by 320 pixels wide
Languages: English

Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Charge: via power adapter
Battery life: average two to three days with typical usage

Availability Available exclusively at from March 24, 2009 until
March 31, 2009

Available online at from April 1, 2009

Available at select Radio Shack stores nationwide from April 8,


Peek Pronto retail price: $79.95
Peek Pronto monthly service: $19.95

Peek and GetPeek are the exclusive trademarks of Peek, Inc.

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