Pebble's Domino's app tracks deep dish from your wrist

It's not entirely clear why smartwatch companies seem convinced we need to manage our food from our wrists, but if you're a Pebble wearer whose been looking hungrily at Android Wear's Eat24 app, salvation is almost at hand. Domino's is launching a new delivery tracker for the e-paper smartwatch, with real-time updates as to where, exactly, your dinner is fed straight to your arm. However, it's not quite the watch to table digital food service that you might hope for.

That's because there's no actual way to order the pizza in the first place from Pebble. Unlike Eat24 on Android Wear, which allows you to place repeat orders from favorite takeout locations, as well as browse menus from your wearable's display, the Domino's app is notifications only.

Now, Domino's does already have apps for iOS and Android which support ordering, so getting a deep dish with extra cheese on the way over needn't be more complicated than whipping your phone out of your pocket, but it does mean that Android Wear keeps its edge.

Once that order is in, updates and notifications of its progress from floured work surface, to oven, to an insulated bag on the back of a scooter are pushed to the Pebble or Pebble Steel's monochrome display.

Back in September, Pebble added background process support and turned its smartwatch into a fitness tracker. With aging hardware, however, along with the rising number of Android Wear wearables and the fast-approaching Apple Watch, it remains to be seen what the company does next to keep its place in the smartwatch world.

The Domino's tracker is a free download if you're a Pebble owner, though you'll need to cough up for the pizza yourself.

Update: An earlier version of this article incorrectly identified the pizza chain involved. We apologize for the confusion, and clearly need more pizza in our lives.