Pebble watches brings Nuance Voice Recognition to the public

This week Pebble has brought Nuance Voice Recognition to Pebble Time, Time Steel, and Time Round users. Nuance is powering Pebble's new Dictation API, allowing developers to create voice-friendly apps of all sorts for all of the 2nd-gen Pebble users in the wild. Pebble apps will be able to work with voice recognition and push all manner of commands to apps that do many fine things, like control your smart house and flying your drones around the countryside.See also: Dragon Anywhere brings Nuance dictation to iPhone and Android.

Pebble's version 3.6 firmware has been released with support for Pebble Dictation API. Users will be able to use voice dictation-friendly apps just as soon as they update their watches – we'll have to wait for the collection of apps that use said powers for a bit longer. This new firmware has timeline, notification, and stability improvements as well.

Users that wish to update to the newest firmware have only to head to Menu – Support – Update Your Pebble. This is inside the Pebble Time app for Android and iOS, with the same pathway for both apps.

Pebble Time's watch firmware will require that you have the newest app for the process to begin, of course – that's Pebble's Android app (v3.6.0), and iPhone app (v3.3).

VIA: Pebble