Pebble Time hits Woot - bad news for the watchmaker?

It would appear that Woot just got a shipment of Pebble Time smartwatches in for their fire sale department. What's this mean for the watchmaker? It might mean little. It could be that one distributor or another just received more Pebble Time watches than they could sell. It could also mean that Pebble is planning on axing the rest of their stock of this particular watch in favor of the original (black and white model) and the more circular of the bunch.

Being on Woot is not necessarily a death knell for a brand. You'll find products on that site for sale from companies that've been in business for a decade, and aren't going anywhere soon. But when you're a small company with only a few products, the fact that one of your products appears to be for super-sale to reduce stock – that feels a bit more like a big deal.

Pebble Time Round hands-on: up close and circular

The Pebble Time smartwatch is up on Woot at the moment for $119.99 USD – that's 40% off the standard price of $199.99 USD. But wait – wait just a second, users!

You'll also find the Pebble Time up for sale at There the watch is chopped from its standard price down to $129.99. Meanwhile the Pebble Time Steel has $50 knocked off its price to bring it down to $199.99, while Pebble Classic now costs $69.99 instead of $100.

Both the Pebble Steel and the Pebble Time Round have no discounts at the moment, coming in at $149.99 and $249.99 respectively.