PC versus Windows Phone 7 gaming launches

Chris Davies - Dec 17, 2010
PC versus Windows Phone 7 gaming launches

Head to head gaming between a Windows PC and a Windows Phone 7 smartphone is now on offer, though if you’re expecting high-tension Halo: Reach battles while you’re on the bus, you should probably lower your expectations. The first title to support cross-platform play has arrived in the shape of Game Chest: Chess, which unsurprisingly offers turn-by-turn chess games.

The $2.99 game uses a web-based interface for the PC gamer, with invitations to play handled by email. Although not the most exciting of titles, it’s the first in what Microsoft has promised will be a significant drive in Windows Phone 7 gaming.

While we found the WP7 gaming to be pretty rudimentary in its early incarnation, Microsoft execs have been enthusiastic about the platform’s potential for integration with Xbox gaming. All Electronic Arts games for WP7 will eventually get Xbox LIVE integration, for instance.

[via Neowin]

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