Windows Phone 7's Best Feature is Xbox LIVE Integration, Microsoft Exec Says

Matt Thompson, General Manager for developer and platform evangelism for Microsoft, spoke at the GigaOm Mobilize conference in San Francisco today, and during that speech, he provided the insight as to why he believes Microsoft's upcoming mobile Operating System, Windows Phone 7, would excel amidst the competition. That one feature, which will push them ahead of the pack, is the integration the platform has with Microsoft's Xbox LIVE service.

While other companies are simply trying to break into the gaming market, Microsoft's presence has been felt there for quite some time, and now they're trying to put that same experience right on your mobile device. While Apple's Game Center brings players together, Thompson believes that LIVE integration will be the "hook" that brings new customers into the fold, as well as draw the attention of all those Xbox LIVE players out there. The ability to play 2D and 3D games from your device, and continue to play (some of) them right on your console is a novel feature, as well as being able to take your Xbox LIVE Avatar with you everywhere you go.

But, there's also going to be other games, like the ridiculously popular Farmville, from Zynga. Will the integration with Microsoft's prodigal online feature be enough to make Windows Phone 7 the most popular name on the block? Or will the combination of all the other features, or lack thereof, make it impossible for Microsoft to jump ahead? Looks like we'll be finding out soon enough.

[via VentureBeat]