Parrot’s latest plug’n’drive Bluetooth kit streams music wirelessly

Chris Davies - May 29, 2007

Being in the market for a Bluetooth hands-free kit myself, it’s always interesting to see what French innovators Parrot come up with.  Their latest device could realistically be described as a crossover between portable and installed kits – it has the integration and sound-processing capabilities of a wired-in model, but with the ease of transportation of previous cigarette lighter plug-in units.


The PMK5800 plugs in as previous models have, but has a built-in FM transmitter so you can use your cars speakers to hear the caller.  A2DP Bluetooth support means music streaming from a compatible DAP is possible too (such as from the Samsung T9 I reviewed today), and apparently pressing the FM preset on your radio will automatically answer an incoming call.  A 1-line, six character display makes tuning and setup simple.

As for sound gubbins, there’s full-duplex, DSP to take care of noise reduction and echo cancellation, a line-in input for devices without Bluetooth A2DP (I’m looking at you, iPod) and voicetag speech dialling for up to 150 contacts. 

It launches this summer priced at €89 ($120)

Parrot press release (pdf) [via Engadget]

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