Papercraft Prometheus trailer is all kinds of awesome

Prometheus director Ridley Scott was particularly proud of the number of physical effects used in the new film rather than CGI, and we've a feeling he'd appreciate the effort that went into this fan-made papercraft trailer too. The handiwork of artist Travis Betz, the trailer – which you can see after the cut – is a scene-for-scene recreation of the official Prometheus promo, only replicated using cut-outs and some low-tech special effects.

The project ended up taking Betz around a month to complete, and is constructed from 100-percent paper. Scott's promotional campaign played a key role in building hype around the mysterious Prometheus project, spawning questions around whether the film was a straight-prequel to Alien or something completely different.

Paper Prometheus Trailer:

That word of mouth enthusiasm prompted other exercises in paper, with fans even going so far as to write up an entire – fake – screenplay mistakenly attributed to the original writers. You can see the original trailer Betz based his work on below:

Original Trailer:

Prometheus opened in US cinemas late last week, and you can find our full review here. Once you've seen the movie, make sure to check out our (spoiler-filled) interview with Ridley Scott along with the star-filled cast.

[via Freshness Mag]