Pantech continues US invasion with ultra-slim Hotshot handset

The fine folks at Pantech, a group which very recently released the least expensive version of a Verizon LTE-capable smartphone on the carrier, today announced another lovely little oddity: the Pantech Hotshot. This is a device that we'd otherwise not even think about making a post for since it's basically a feature phone, but it does have some features that should spark some interest for you in the future of Pantech. Before we continue though, have a look at our review of the Pantech Breakout and see what it means to fly quickly for a low dollar bill.

This newest device is, again, called the Pantech Hotshot and although it does not run on Android, it'll be running no less than Opera Mini Browser for all your web browsing needs. It's ultra-slim at just 0.35-inches, and it's got a rather nicely sized (for its price) display at 3.2-inches. This display is an LCD touch display, and on it you'll be working with text, photo, video, voice messaging, calls, and mobile instant messaging. And like your smartphone counterparts, you'll get VZ Navigator for GPS navigation, turn-by-turn directions spoken to you in a loud clear voice by Verizon.

You get Bluetooth for all your easy connections to your PC, there's a 2GB microSD card pre-installed, and you've got space to expand to a 32GB card. The only thing truly confusing about this device is the fact that it costs the same (after mail-in rebate) as the Pantech Breakout previously mentioned – that is, $99 USD. Why on earth would they release a lesser device for the same price? Perhaps some people do not want 4G connectivity? Madness!

Either way, Pantech, you've been bringing some decent devices into the states lately, keep em coming.