Panasonic Toughbook Medical Tablet outed as Intel’s secret slate

Chris Davies - Aug 20, 2008

Intel briefly stoked some curiosity in the unnamed Tablet PC concept they showed at the end of the first IDF keynote, but most people assumed it was merely another sort of medical assistant device.  That assumption seems to be true, as Intel’s ultraportable surprise was somewhat spoilt by having a working prototype – confirming Panasonic as the manufacturer – elsewhere at IDF.

Fitting into Panasonic’s Toughbook range, a series of mobile devices that are semi-ruggedized for outdoor use or use in potentially hazardous environments, the slate is another of Intel’s favorite Mobile Clinical Assistants.  The company first suggested a similar concept back in 2006, which went on to be the Motion C5.

No word on specs or availability details as yet; presumably Intel will be announcing that today.  It seems an odd product to use as a teaser, however; most IDF attendees would be more interested in a new Classmate PC, for instance.

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