Panasonic LUMIX 13.2MP phone hands-on [Video]

Chris Davies - Oct 7, 2010
Panasonic LUMIX 13.2MP phone hands-on [Video]

The promise of 13.2-megapixels in a cellphone-sized package is a red rag to video-hungry bloggers, and so the SlashGear Japan team made sure to stop by Panasonic’s booth at CEATEC 2010 this week to check out their new LUMIX phone.  To the untrained eye it could be mistaken for one of the legion of existing Japanese feature-phones on the market, but sure enough if you turn it around there’s a 13.2MP sensor and a high-intensity flash.

Unsurprisingly Panasonic has also fitted 3G and WiFi, and an easy four-way flick based interface that allows you to instantly send your photos via WiFi or 3G, upload them to an online gallery, or trash them.  Unfortunately there are no sample shots as yet, which will be the measure by which the Panasonic LUMIX phone lives or dies; it’s not a small handset, but there’s still only a relatively small space for the CMOS sensor.

Panasonic will launch the LUMIX phone in Japan later in the year, in a choice of black, silver, blue or pink.  No word on whether they’ll be delivering a similar model to North America or Europe.

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