Panasonic LUMIX Phone tipped for CEATEC 2010 reveal [Update: 13.2MP!]

Panasonic are preparing to extend their LUMIX digital camera brand to cellphones, with the company kicking off a teaser campaign ahead of a promised unveil at CEATEC next week.  Details on the handset are sparse, but Panasonic has confirmed the LUMIX Phone will have their Mobile VenusEngine, WiFi with DLNA media streaming and – according to one translation – a 3-megapixel Update: 13.2-megapixel camera with digital zoom.

That seems on the low side for a Lumix-branded device, though Panasonic is also leaning heavily on the sharing side of things with the promise of their Jump Picture technology for easily squirting shots to your friends.  There'll also be a microSD card slot.  Anybody understand Japanese and can better translate the feature slide below?

Update: According to this press release the Panasonic LUMIX Phone will have a 3.3-inch VGA LCD, measure 116 x 52 x 17.7 mm and weigh 146g.

[via Akihabara News]