Palm Pre gets two new apps, hopefully sign of software surge

Along with the launch of the Mojo SDK for webOS also came a promise from Palm of a new wave of software hitting the Pre's App Catalog.  Today there's news of two new titles available to download, and while that may not quite amount to a "wave" as yet – a trickle, perhaps? – it's hopefully a sign of good things to come.

The titles themselves are OpenTable and Fliq Bookmarks.  OpenTable offers not only restaurant bookings from the touchscreen of your Pre, but reviews, reservation management, GPS searches to call up places to eat nearby and integration with the handset's calendar to automatically note down your eating arrangements.

Meanwhile Fliq Bookmarks is a bookmark sync app that sucks your Safari favorites over to the Pre when used with The Missing Sync for Palm Pre.  There's no PC version right now, but it's apparently on its way according to developers Mark/Space.

[via My Pre]