Palm Pixi with WiFi b/g clears FCC; en route to Verizon?

Palm's omission of WiFi from the Palm Pixi smacked of little more than a needless attempt to better differentiate their "flagship" Pre from the new device, and so we're glad to see that change may be on the way.  A version of the Pixi has been caught clearing the FCC complete with both EVDO and WiFi b/g, presumably headed to Verizon Wireless.

The model number – P121EWW – matches up with the P121 code we saw months ago in a Verizon database leak.  In contrast, the version of the Pixi currently on sale with Sprint is known to be the P120.

Verizon's interest in the Palm handsets has reportedly wavered, but the expectation is that one or both of the Pre and Pixi will arrive on their network sometime in early 2010.  Of course there's no word on whether Sprint would replace their existing Pixi with this new, WiFi-toting model, or instead rely on lower pricing to differentiate themselves from a Verizon version.

[via MyPre]