Palm Mojo SDK for Pre early access program announced

In addition to more new Palm Pre content than you can shake a stick at, My Pre have also found the time to cover the new Pre SDK, Palm's big announcement at CTIA yesterday.  The Mojo SDK for webOS will now be seeing an early release – earlier than the Pre itself, that is – so that developers will have plenty of time to code all the launch-day apps Palm would like to have.More details, plus news of a PalmOS emulator, after the cut

This isn't a developer free-for-all: Palm are acting as gatekeeper for the Mojo SDK, with applications required here.  Those successfully included in the program will be required to sign an SDK confidentiality agreement, which Palm are hoping will keep all those pesky Pre details quiet until the full launch.  According to the FAQ, Palm don't envisage rejecting anybody – even if you don't have a specific app in mind – but at the same time they're not promising to let everyone in at the same time.

There's also news of a third-party – but Palm sanctioned – emulator app, which will allow legacy PalmOS software to run on webOS, the Pre's platform.  Developed by MotionApps, "Classic" will hopefully be available when the Pre itself launches, but no specific details have been given.

If, like me, you're more interested in the handset itself than developing for it, check out the Palm Pre CTIA 2009 coverage over at My Pre.