Palantir app listens to you game, gives you tips

Gaming is about to get a bit more interactive. This "Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor" app goes by the name of Palantir – makes a lot of sense if you know what that means in the Lord of the Rings saga* – and it listens to you play the game. This Tolkien-themed game isn't out yet, and the app comes out in a matter of days, but the concept has real potential.

This app listens to you play the game, and should – so they suggest – be able to recognize where you are along your journey. From there, the app gives you hints and tips. But no just any hints and tips – hints and tips provided by the community.

This app connects through the power of Wikia and the community that connects with it to information they provide. There's a (somehow already growing) Shadow of Mordor Wikia in order right now if you want to take a look. The app will have additional information in a rather easy-to-navigate user interface.

We've got apps like Google Search that'll allow you to speak whatever you want aloud. Apps like Shazam that listen to your music and TV and tell you what you're watching or listening to. Now you've got an app that listens to your game as you're playing it, giving you results as you go.

Sound like something you'll be interested in in this or any number of new forms in the near future? We'll see this idea continue to spread through 2014 too!

*UPDATE: The Palantir is that set of spheres you see in Lord of the Rings (or read about, if you're the reading sort) that allows you to communicate with every one of the other beings that also has one of the spheres. Makes a whole lot of sense, don't it?