Pacman Google Maps brings April Fools' one day early

Prepare yourself for the incoming wave of April Fools jokes, pranks, and otherwise happy-go-lucky oddities like Pacman for Google Maps. Today Google begins early with this game that rests in one of their most popular products. Here you'll be able to play Pacman on a map of whatever city you happen to be in – just so long as it has roads. Head to Google Maps and you'll find yourself a Pacman button in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. You'll need to be on a desktop machine for this to work – for now.

Below you'll see a very short demonstration of Google Maps Pacman in action. Note that we opted NOT to use the sound on this one, as it's the original Pacman music and sound effects which have been known to drive fear into the hearts of ears the whole world over.

This is just the beginning. Have a peek at our April Fools' 2014 round-up to see the massive cross-section of weirdo jokes that got laid on the first day of April of last year. Everything from the HTC GLUUV to the Sega MEGAne DRIVe glasses.

The April Fools' jokes of the day follow the trends of tomorrow. Last year the jokes centered on wearables. This year we'll likely see more than a couple jokes and pranks based in the virtual reality universe.

Tomorrow is a day in the tech news universe to TRUST NO ONE.

Remember that – in fact, besides browsing SlashGear, you might just want to binge watch the X-Files instead.