OUYA Kickstarter blasts past $5m mark

This week the Kickstarter phenomenon known as OUYA has reached $5 million dollars pledged for their Android-based gaming console with 22 days left to go. This amount of cash for a project such as this is fantastic on its own, but given the group's $950,000 goal at the start of the project, it's become a whole new animal since it started less than a month ago. With more than 5 times their original seed money request, it's time for the developers and engineers behind the project to seriously reconsider their futures in their respective fields – things are looking up!

This gaming console is set to feature an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, the creators of whom have already been in contact with the OUYA crew to speak on how they'll be able to make it happen. The final look and functionality of the system is not solidified, but from what we've seen, it's going to be a lovely silver metal box attached wirelessly to some classic-looking bluetooth gaming controllers and via HDMI to your HDTV.

The whole project is being touted as completely open-sourced and made for those who love free-to-play games galore. Developers galore have pledged their allegiance to the future release of the hardware, while gifts given to users wanting to help out with the production of the device have already been dried up for a week. Now we only need to wait to see if the device actually reaches the light of day – or if the developers are in one whole heck of a lot of trouble in a huge stack of cash with nowhere to put it all.

Feel free to jump in on the fun on [OUYA's Kickstarter] right now!

Check out the timeline below to get the full scoop on the creation of this device, paying special attention the column entitled: with $3m OUYA's problems are just starting.