OtterBox HTC One cases "coming soon"

OtterBox is well known for their robust cases for a handful of devices. They offer a bit of insurance in case you ever drop your phone, or even throw your phone at a wall in a fit of anger. After the official HTC One announcement earlier this week, it looks like OtterBox is taking no time to introduce cases for the new smartphone.

OtterBox has made three cases for the HTC On using their popular line of Commuter and Defender series of cases. The regular Defender HTC One case will cost $50 and will come in a bevy of different colors that you can choose from, including black, glacier (grey/white mix), blushed (grey/pink mix), and punked (black/green mix).

The company is also offering a RealTree Defender case, which will give your phone a nice camouflage look, just in case you need to be completely hidden while hunting out in the woods, smartphone and all. This case will cost you $60. As for the Commuter series, an HTC One case will cost you $35 and it will come in a mixture of colors as well, including black, glacier, steel blue (black/teal mix), lilac, black/purple mix), and punked.

There's no word on availability yet, but the company allows you to submit your email address to be notified when the new cases eventually become available, which should be sometime in March (the same time that the actual phone is releasing). These cases may not be as tough as the Armor series of cases that we checked out at CES last month, but you'll be guaranteed that your brand new HTC One will be well protected using any OtterBox offering.