Oscar Mayer Bacon alarm wants us to believe the smell

This week on top of the Back to the Future HUVr board comes the Oscar Mayer Bacon alarm. This product has Oscar Mayer suggesting that we plug in to an iPhone and, instead of hearing an alarm noise in the morning, we get a burst of perfume that smells like bacon. Is it April 1st already?

Over at Jennifer Jolly you'll find the tech behind the "Wake Up and Smell the Bacon" device explored in a very basic way. This device is created in partnership with the Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon – and if that weren't enough to set off your "this can't be real" alarm, perhaps the official bacon app will.

This device is being distributed in limited quantities, they say, and you'll need to apply to be part of this shipment. Users must answer 3 questions about bacon so that they may become an Official Bacon Beta Tester.

The questions asked through the Wake up and Smell the Bacon homepage of potential bacon device Beta users are these:

Oscar Mayer bacon is smoked with a blend of natural hardwoods, giving it a taste that is:

• bold and epic

• wondrous and heavenly

• completely out of this world

• yummy in my tummy

Oscar Mayer bacon is brined, then cured for 12 hours. How long would you be willing to wait?

• 12 hours is nothing

• An eternity, for true love is timeless

• 5 minutes, maybe 10, tops

• However long it takes

In three words, describe your love for Oscar Mayer bacon.

Sound legitimate enough? We'll be signing up, of course, and we're expecting no less than a real product from Oscar Mayer to be delivered. As TUAW suggests, "puffs of pork-scented perfume" might be just the ticket for a next-generation phone killer feature.