Ortus Full HD 4.8-inch LCD gets glasses-free 3D upgrade

Samsung and LG Display may be working on packing extra pixels into tablet-scale screens, but what if you want resolution overload on your smartphone? Ortus Technologies showed us its 4.8-inch Full HD LCD last year, squeezing 1920 x 1080 458ppi into a panel that would make an iPhone 4 Retina Display weep with ill-disguised shame; now the company is back, having upgraded their display to support 3D.

The 3D system uses an Arisawa Xpol polarizer film that splits the picture into left and right eye images. What it does mean is that you give up some of the vertical resolution, taking the panel down to 1920 x 540, since Xpol angles every other line at each eye.

The 16.8m color display has a 160-degree viewing angle (both horizontal and vertical) and 72-percent NTSC color gamut coverage. As you can see in the DigInfo video below, Ortus envisage the screen showing up in 3D camcorders to allow real-time previews; however, we'd also be very excited to see it on a next-gen games console like Sony's NGP

[via Electronista]