Oracle spills Google's total Android revenue and profit

Google revenues and profits for their mobile operating system Android have been revealed In an ongoing Oracle vs Google court case over Java software licensing. The numbers come from documents which Google lawyers have argued should have remained private – an Oracle lawyer spoke the figures aloud in court this month. An analysis of Google financial information was disclosed on the 14th of January, 2016, and on the 20th, Google called for sections of the transcript of the hearing to be redacted.

Google's argument here was that the Oracle attorney improperly disclosed information from a document that was clearly marked "Attorney's Eyes Only". Google suggested that this was "extremely sensitive information" that should have been kept behind closed doors.

According to Oracle, Google has made $31 billion in revenue from Android thus far total, and $22 billion in profit.

If what these documents suggest is true, Google's $31 billion in revenue is relatively low compared to the other giant in mobile device action: Apple. Of course there is no number for how much iOS has earned on its own, as numbers are integrated with Apple's sales of iPhones and so forth.

In Apple's financial Q4 of 2015, Apple earned $32.21 billion in revenue from the iPhone.

Apple also earned $4.28 billion from the iPad alone this past quarter.

But of course Apple doesn't work in the same way Google does. Google gives Android away while Apple sells the iPhone. Google works with Nexus phones and makes money in a litany of other sectors. But this information puts that all in perspective, to be sure.