Optimus Popularis delayed; Mini Six companion 'board due this year

It's been a while since we've marvelled at the display-keys from Russian keyboard specialists Optimus, but the company is keen to remind us that it's only been delayed, not undone, by the recent economic unpleasantness. The Optimus Popularis – a more "affordable" version of the Maximus keyboard – has supposedly been pushed back until later in 2011, and before then the company will release a smaller version called the Optimus Mini Six.

As the name suggests, the Optimus Mini Six will have six keys and is presumably intended to sit next to the keyboard rather than replacing it. It's basically a double version of the Mini Three, but will use the newer display technology Optimus intends for the Popularis.

Rather than the OLEDs of the first models, the Mini Six and Popularis rely on LCD panels, and technological advances mean they can fit higher resolution, 64 x 64 screens into physically smaller keys. That should make for easier typing and a more compact keyboard in general. No word on pricing or specific availability for the Optimus Mini Six, which is only expected sometime later this year.