Optimus Mini 3 becomes Mini 2x3

Tired of waiting for the Optimus 103 keyboard?  Got huge fingers, each the size of a German bratwurst sausage?  Then you might be interested to know that the company's "look, we can make OLED keys!" product, the Optimus Mini 3, will soon support two of the units being plugged into the same computer.  Right, so that's six keys, enough at least for Q, W, E, R, T and Y. 

The Mini 3 costs around $159.96, so that's almost $320 for half the top line of our DIY keyboard.  Not wishing to be rude or anything, but stop faffing around and make me a full-sized, full-colour keyboard!

I feel better for that.

OM3 stuff [Optimus Project Blog]