Optimus 103 Keyboard details emerge

Ah Optimus – with one hand you give us curious and semi-useful peripherals like the Upravalator, with the other you dole out interesting snippets of news about your so-far pretty ephemeral "every key's a screen" keyboard the 103.  Now we know that not only have you got a tiny LCD key prototype made, but that the 103 will appear to whatever computer it's plugged into as a mass-storage device.  That means it shows up as a drive volume in Explorer, needs no drivers and, best of all, can store all of the custom layouts you slavishly create on-board.  Got two PCs you want to use it with?  No problem, the layouts come with it.


Against the best efforts of my cynical nature I'm getting pretty stoked about the 103.  It seems like the designers and engineers are actually putting some decent thought into it, which is always promising.

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