OPPO’s next phone could have 10GB of RAM

Eric Abent - Sep 27, 2018, 3:52 pm CDT
OPPO’s next phone could have 10GB of RAM

It might not be long until the first phone with 10GB of RAM is on shelves. Though there have already been a couple of manufacturers rumored to be working on 10GB phones of their own, OPPO might beat them to the punch. That’s what new regulatory filings suggest at any rate, but unfortunately, the first handset with 10GB of RAM may not be entirely new.

As discovered by Ice Universe on Twitter and confirmed by GizmoChina, a new variant of the OPPO Find X recently made a pass through Chinese regulator TENAA, this time with 10GB of RAM under the hood instead of the original model’s 8GB. It’s somewhat surprising to see a new variant of the Find X so soon, as the original only launched back in June.

READ MORE: OPPO Find X ReviewIn any case, this new version of the Find X won’t have many other differences from its predecessor. GizmoChina points out that all of the other specifications stay the same between models, so the extra 2GB of RAM could very well be the biggest upgrade in this new model. There may, of course, be some other small changes, but what those would be is unknown at this point.

OPPO isn’t the only company chasing the 10GB dream. Vivo’s Xplay7 is another device that’s rumored to ship with 10GB of RAM. Reports that claim as much started surfacing as far back as January, so there’s really no telling when Vivo might launch this device.

It is, of course, always possible that the listing is inaccurate, but generally speaking, that isn’t really a worry with TENAA. A pass through regulators like this typically means that the phone is about to get a reveal, so it might not be much longer until OPPO officially pulls back the veil. Stay tuned, because we’ll be keeping an eye on this moving forward.

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