OPPO R5 smashes apple, and other kinds of things

Some smartphones, especially in China, are getting ridiculously thin. But with that petiteness come fears of being fragile, easy to break or easy to bend. Knowing well that mark of hesitation, OPPO has just released a video ad that play to the OPPO R5's strength despite its lack of bulk, thanks in no small part to its industry-grade metal body. It does so by smashing things without getting smashed in return. And the first thing it slices and smashes through? Nothing less than an apple.

An apple with a piece bitten off, no less. It is hard not to see this as a swipe at Apple. And how can OPPO resist, especially after the "scandal" that Apple's iPhone 6 Plus was involved in recently. Amusingly labeled the #bendgate scandal, the iPhone 6 Plus' thin metal body was seen to have bended under a non-substantial amount of force, leading people to conclude that thin, large, and metal might not go hand in hand. Though slightly smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus, standing at only 5.2 inches, OPPO R5 begs to differ and proves it so.

Up next is a watermelon, too big to destroy in one slice, but it eventually gets the job done. OPPO perhaps forgot to also mention how waterproof the OPPO R5 is. Or rather how watermelon proof. Is there an IP rating for fruit juices and seeds?

The most cringe-worthy parts follow. As if smashing a nut to get to the nutty core wasn't painful already to watch, using the OPPO R5 as a hammer definitely took the cake. Not that it would have been an effective hammer, given that the surface area of the reinforced edges don't make a good pounding tool. And you definitely can't use the broad glass side of the face anyway.

And last but not the least, no smartphone stress test these days is complete without letting it get run over by a car. What kind of car, OPPO isn't saying exactly. But the point, of course, is that it survived and is in working condition.

So OPPO gets the point across. Does the OPPO R5 smash? Yes, yes it does. Does it get smashed? Unlikely. Not that you'd intentionally run over it with your car or build a house using it as a hammer, but it's still good to know that you can slice up fruits with it in an emergency situation.