Oops: Free Play Day with Xbox posted in error

Chris Burns - Aug 22, 2014
Oops: Free Play Day with Xbox posted in error

Just yesterday we saw the “Max: The Curse of Brotherhood” listing appear on Xbox One with a “Free Play Day” tag intact. Today, Microsoft’s Xbox division says to ignore it. It was just a temporary mistaken listing, after all.

According to a statement sent to Kotaku, Microsoft suggests that “A promotional tile for ‘Max: Curse of the Brotherhood’ was posted briefly on the US dash in error yesterday.” Microsoft continued, “We apologize for any inconvenience.” If you got in for the test, you’re golden, for the time allotted.

If you saw Max: The Curse of Brotherhood back when it was temporarily download-for-free, you’re also good to go. Well done, you downloader king or queen!

Of course there’s good news as well, as always – also from Microsoft: “We’re constantly exploring different ways to offer more benefits to our Xbox Live Gold members and will keep them updated when special offers become available.”

Does this mean “Free Play Day” is gone forever? No, not really. Instead it just means we won’t be hearing from that sort of promo for a while. Or if it comes back, that it’ll be called something different.

Anyway – back to the PC master race station for more free games with Origin, right?

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