OnePlus X needs no invites on Tuesdays

Chinese startup OnePlus may make decent, if not exceptional, smartphones but their greatest problem isn't technical. Getting your hands on one (no pun intended, promise) is as easy as catching a fly with chopsticks. It's a strategy that saved OnePlus from a mountain of back orders, but one that has also come back to bite them in the behind. The company since then has been trying to slowly remove the invitation requirement for its smartphones, and now it's the turn of the OnePlus X to enjoy an invitation-free sale. At least on Tuesdays.

The need for an invitation has been one of OnePlus' two big criticisms, the others being somewhat spotty hardware here and there. One cannot simply go to OnePlus' website or store (if there was one) and buy a device. They'd have to wait for an invitation or a contest, and then wait in line again to buy the device. OnePlus has always defended its strategy by pointing out how small a company it is. However, that business plan Isn't scalable, especially now that OnePlus' portfolio has grown beyond a single smartphone product.

The OnePlus X is the company's "mid-year" device, not a flagship but a mid-range smartphone. Fans of the brand might be familiar with some of the specs, like a 5.0-inch Full HD screen, a Snapdragon 801, this time paired with 3 GB of RAM. In a nutshell, it's like a refreshed OnePlus One, but now with a sleeker look.

The $249 price tag for such a beast is definitely tempting, but the invitation system douses cold water on any enthusiasm. But now OnePlus is opening the doors just a bit. Every Tuesday, starting this week, one can buy a OnePlus X without invitation. The rest of the week, you'll have to wait like everyone else. The announcement doesn't go into detail on any hidden fine print or how long it'll last. We can only hope forever.

Buyers in the US, Canada, Europe, and India, should be aware that the company is also offering several warranty tiers for every new purchase of a recent smartphone model, which of course includes the OnePlus X. Ranging from one to two years and covering different kinds of damages, OnePlus On-Guard warranty tries to allay customers' worries about buying unlocked devices without carrier subsidies and protection.

SOURCE: @OnePlus