OnePlus starts warranty program in Europe, coming soon to US

People still buy smartphones tied down to carriers mostly for two reasons. First, carrier subsidies helped defray the full, upfront cost of a device, making it seem a lot cheaper than it really is. The second benefit is warranty coverage, offering customers peace of mind. But what if you had a flagship smartphone that was almost half the price of the competition, with a price tag easily paid in one single lump? Then you're left with the warranty problem, which OnePlus is only too happy to address as well.

OnePlus has partnered with local insurance companies in Europe and in India to be able to offer warranty programs in those markets. For Europe, it has chosen simplesurance and its On-Guard program. In India, it has gone with a more direct B2X route with Service2 and Protect2. On-Guard covers a long list of issues, including broken screens, accidental damage, damage due to dropping, liquid damage, and vandalism just to name a few.

OnePlus is hardly the only OEM offering this direct warranty program to buyers. ZTE has long had something similar and Huawei launched its own in the US when it unveiled the P8 Lite last June. The move is a strategic one. Most of these manufacturers have limited partnerships with local carriers willing to take the risk and subsidize their devices. They also offer devices unlocked, which further distances them for carriers. The warranty programs, and some installment payment plans, aim to replace the role of carriers for many consumers.

The OnePlus On-Guard offer is limited to the European Union. Those in the US and Canada are advised to wait for a similar huge announcement soon. The warranty can also only be availed when buying a new OnePlus One or OnePlus 2, with coverage for the OnePlus X coming once the smartphone launches. Sadly, that means that those who already own such devices are left on their own.