OnePlus 6 wallpapers detailed: Painted by Hampus Olsson

The creator of the OnePlus 6's various eye-exploding wallpapers spoke up today on his process. These wallpapers are available for download – outside the phone, too. We've got them, and we've got some words from the artist just in case you'd like to know how these bonkers works of art were made – and yes, it's the same guy who did the wallpapers last year.

The artist behind these wallpapers goes by the name Hampus Olsson. In his official portfolio, Olsson makes clear: "I've been making websites and pixels since I was 8 years old. I live in Goa, India – Where the mighty monkeys and holy cows live." While it is needless to say the following, I need to: This guy is enigmatically amazing.

"The style I used to create this new set of wallpapers brings me back to when I first started working with OnePlus in 2015," said Olsson. "I got a very similar brief for the OnePlus 2 wallpapers and comparing those with the new OnePlus 6 wallpapers, it's like traveling back in time, they are so similar! :) However, I feel that the new ones are more vibrant and polished."

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You might have seen his work in the ROM called Paranoid Android, too. The most recent round of wallpapers released with the OnePlus 6 step away from previous works ever-so-slightly in the latter half of the artist's design process. "At one point, most of these wallpapers still had visible brush strokes flowing through the artwork like most of my previous work," said Olsson. "However, the brush strokes were later removed to present a cleaner approach."

Olsson suggests that he'll be releasing a wallpaper app by the name Abstruct in the next few weeks. That'll have a whole bunch of wallpapers, including "experimental versions" of those included with the OnePlus 6. You'll find the OnePlus 6 collection in an IMGUR gallery above – tap away!