OneNote Clipper for Chrome eases Surface Pro 3 snipping

The useful OneNote Clipper, allowing snippets of webpages to be quickly added from the browser to a OneNote note, has spawned a Chrome extension, Microsoft has announced. The tool – particularly handy if you're using a Surface Pro 3 – aims to streamline the scrapbooking process. Meanwhile, Microsoft is also hoping to sweep a few ex-Springpad users into its app, with a OneNote import tool.

The new Chrome extension will live alongside, not replace, the existing Chrome bookmarklet which Microsoft already offered.

Hitting the extension button, however – whether that's with a mouse click, a finger touch on a touchscreen, or a tap with a stylus like the Surface Pen – saves an image of the current webpage into a new OneNote note.

It also makes the text in that image searchable, and saves a link to the original site.

As for Springpad, after the notetaking services for Android and iOS announced it would be shutting down later this month, Microsoft has cooked up a migration tool. Taking the exported notes file Springpad can produce and uploading it into OneNote will automatically create a new set of OneNote sections with all the existing content.