Springpad shutting down forever on June 25th

Springpad, a once-popular note taking app for Android and iOS, is shutting down. The company has begun sending emails letting users know the end of days are coming. A hard deadline has been set, but those who are still using it can export data ahead of the shutdown.

Springpad was among the first robust, free note taking apps for mobile users. A trendsetter, other services quickly eclipsed it, and the advent of easy-to-use assistants like Siri and Google Now did the app no favor. The company has set a definitive end-date of June 25, so you'll want to make sure to get any important info out before then.

Springpad has offered up an easy method to migrate data to Evernote, with all notes transferring with a few clicks. IF you don't use Evernote, you can export your notes as an HTML file, but you should make sure your favorite service can handle that. To release your data from Springpad's eroding clutches, you'll also need to log in to their web version from a desktop.

To start your note exodus, click the sourced link below. Springpad isn't the first note taking app to fall victim to other services, but it was among the better free offerings around.

Source: Springpad