Olympus single-shot HDR camera in development tips insider

Olympus is reportedly working on a new camera with single shot HDR capabilities, able to create a high dynamic range image from a single frame. Most conventional HDR systems – such as that on the iPhone 4 for example – combine at least three frames of varying exposures to form a single picture with extra detail in both brighter and darker areas. However, according to 43 Rumors' source, Olympus is developing an in-camera HDR system that can do it with just one original frame to work from.

The exact nature of the system is unknown, though a Canon patent application spotted midway through 2010 suggested using exposure mapping across a single RAW frame that could then be used to tweak exposure at individual pixel level. Although not spelled out by the Olympus source, the same single-frame HDR technique could likely be used for recording HDR video as well.

Other technologies under development apparently include sensor shift with rotation, a larger, multi-format sensor, a new battery grip with integrated A/V I/O, and bringing the same video capabilities as found on the GH1 to an Olympus model. However, as with any pre-announce systems, it's entirely possible that none of these could make it to a final, shipping camera.