Olympus Micro Four Thirds plans could eclipse entry-level DSLRs

Olympus expects its ageing entry-level DSLRs to be replaced by Micro Four Thirds models, rather than new DSLRs, according to product manager Toshiyuki Terada.  Speaking to fotopolis, Terada said that while no specific models could be announced, the company had no "concrete plans" to update the E-620 and other entry-level DSLRs.

Olympus also intends to look at moving Micro Four Thirds up the food-chain, and launch professional or semi-pro versions.  Meanwhile low-end DSLR owners could use adapters to fit their existing lenses to Micro Four Thirds models, or alternatively – and, we imagine, to Olympus' greatest satisfaction – upgrade to the E-5.

Terada confirmed that "most" of Olympus' resources are directed to Micro Four Thirds development.  The company has a new compact camera in the works with a fixed lens but which will apparently be able to use select accessories such as the detachable viewfinder.

[via Electronista]